An international design competition to reflect on the relationship that Lima should have with its archaeological heritage and arid landscape
As Peru prepares to celebrate 200 years of independence, the 2021: Bicentennial Projects initiative, in association with the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Lima, announced the launch of an open international competition for the design of a public park in the Sanctuary of Pachacamac, south of Lima.
The competition organized by Centenario, Peru under the directorship of Architect Gary Leggett invited an international jury and a panel of advisors to judge the design entries. 'The Mantle and The Plinth' was described as a intelligent and sensitive proposal and chosen as the winner. See the boards below. 


Lucia Allais

Architect, Princeton

Alan Berger


Paulo Dam

Architect, PUCP

Danilo Martic

Architect, PUC Chile

Tom Emerson

Architect, ETH Zurich

The project is capable of imagining a possible future for the site beyond its limitations, proposing precise strategies to incorporate architectural elements clearly and coherently, landscaping artistically and neighborhood participation.

Archaeology and nostalgia are not synonyms.
Ecology and progress are not antonyms.
In Pachacamac,
archaeology and ecology will have the same meaning.

Tomas Mckay | Kushal Lachhwani | Pablo Alfaro

Tomas (Chile) is an architect, environmental planner and currently teaches at UC Berkeley. Pablo (Chile) and Kushal (India) are both architects, landscape architects and currently work at TLS Landscape Architecture Studio, Berkeley. They are currently working to refine the proposal and present it to the Ministry of Culture Peru, to get it built for the community of Lima and the world.

We would like to thank the organizers, the jury, Denise Pozzi-Escot (Director-Museo Pachacamac), Carmen Rosa Uceda (architect, Museo Pachacamac), all advisors, our fellow competitors and finally the community in Pachacamac and Lima for their support and trust in us to make this park a reality.

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